Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Source to Target data upgrade

What is this feature ?

The source to target upgrade model provides a framework to reduce the downtime for AX upgrade.The upgrade downtime is achieved by enabling upgrade on both the source AX system (Ax 4.0 or AX 2009) and target AX system (Ax 2012). The upgrade consists of following steps.

1. Pre-upgrade processing on a live source AX system
2. Bulk data copy to target system,
3. Optimized data transformations (write once per table), and sync-on-the-fly to the target AX 2012
4. Fix duplicate RecID as a part of the upgrade process

How do we upgrade using this feature ?

The user installs an XPO on the source AX system being upgraded, launches the pre-upgrade checklist, and walks through the pre-upgrade checklist items. Most of the checklist tasks can be executed on a live AX system and rest within a single user mode. Concurrently the user can setup the AX 2012 environment for upgrade by installing AX 2012, choosing the upgrade option, and then launching the upgrade checklist and walking through the upgrade checklist. Once the user enters into the single-user mode on source system, the actual upgrade downtime starts. Most of the steps within single-user mode are highly parallelized and scalable.


3 Responses to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Source to Target data upgrade

  1. Jeff Powell says:

    Hi Amir. I have a question. I installed AX 2012 on my local machine. All was good until in restored the AX demo data backups. Now when I try to change a user option I get this error: “error getting SID” Any suggestions on where to go to correct this?


    • Amir Nazim says:

      You need to get your account SID and match with the SID in userinfo table. you need to update it there if SID is different

      • Jeff Powell says:

        Thanks. I found that there were multiple lines in Userinfo. I deleted all lines except for the one with the SID. That did the trick.

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