Consume document service from Dynamics ax 2012 office Addin

I got a query on how we can consume the webservice from new Office addin available in Dynamics AX 2012. The answer is explained below.

One would need to stup AIF webservices before consuming it through office addins. You also needs to install Web services on IIS addin from Dynamics AX. steps for for configure webservice are listed below

Procedure: Set Up an Enhanced Inbound Port
To set up an inbound port for entering AIF customers, follow these steps:
1. Go to Administration > Setup > Services and Application
Integration Framework > Inbound ports.
2. Click New.
3. In the Name field, type “ServiceOrders”.
4. In the Description field, type “Service orders”.
5. Click Service operations.
6. Drag the service operations starting with “SMAServiceOrderService”
from Remaining service operations to Selected service operations.
7. Close the Restrict service operations form.
8. On the top of the screen click Activate.
9. Go to http://localhost:8101/DynamicsAx/Services/ServiceOrders to
view the WSDL of the Inbound port that you just activated.

For setting up the Office addin to consume the web service, see my earlier post

Office Addins Dynamics AX 2012


4 Responses to Consume document service from Dynamics ax 2012 office Addin

  1. Svejdal says:

    Hi Amir,

    I am trying to do a AX 2012 GL Journal upload from Excel.

    I have actived the LedgerGeneralJournalService in
    CEU/Organization administration/Area page/setup/document management/document datasources

    I can read all my journals into Excel but I can not upload new ones… 😦

    Do you have any Idea what is wrong?

    (My security role in AX is “System admin”)

    • Amir Nazim says:

      Hi Svejdal,

      what is the error you facing ? can you send some log or error message here ? are you working on CU2 of ax 2012. as Microsoft has did lots of fixes for Office add-in in that.

      • Svejdal says:

        Hi Amir,

        Error message: ” The GeneralJournalService Service does not support Update.”

        Tried to modified an open journal (Description line).

        Name Journal batch number Description Currency Description line

        System is running CU2

      • Svejdal says:

        If I add a record this error shows up (After pressing Publish Data):
        There are incomplete records in your worksheet. All records must contain valid keys in order for the workbook to be closed or published. Continuing will cause these incomplete records to be discarded. Do you want to continue?.

        Operation State Publish Completed
        Publish Start Time onsdag, december 07, 2011 1:18:06 PM
        Time Taken 00:00,3
        Total Records 1
        Records Published 0
        Records Failed 1
        Journal batch number Error Messages
        000510_010 The GeneralJournalService Service does not support Update.

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