How to update vendor addresses in Dynamics AX 2009

One of the blog contact ask a question, how we can update the address for a vendor in Dynamics ax 2009,  below job is the possible answer and may helps.
static void J1A_UpdateVendAddressType(Args _args)
VendTable vendTab; //
Replace VendTable with CustTable when run this for
DirPartyTable dirPartyTab;
Address addTab;
while select vendTab join dirPartyTab
join forupdate addTab
where vendTab.PartyId == dirPartyTab.PartyId
&& addTab.AddrTableId == dirPartyTab.TableId
&& addTab.AddrRecId == dirPartyTab.RecId
      if(addTab.Name == ‘Birincil Adres’)
        addTab.type = AddressType::Payment;

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