Error : TFS version control setup with Dynamics AX 2012

Few days back i was working on setting up the TFS 2010 version control with Dynamics ax 2012, generally it is very simple to setup TFS, if anyone would like to know then msdn link can be followed to do that.

while setting up the TFS i was getting an error, this blog is about how i got to solve this. i was getting the below error while connecting the TFS with Dynamics ax, In Dynamics ax 2012 Version control parameters. Initially i though it was something related to AX i was able to browse the TFS web url, even TFS was accessible with team explorer.

Team foundation server error
Team Foundation services are not available from server http://server:8080/tfs
Technical information (for administrator)
HTTP code 404: Not Found
The remote server return an error :(404) Not Found

I had tried different options but it did not work for me as the error itself is very generic, there could be many reasons for this error from wrong TFS address to windows firewall block for the TFS url, then i have posted a question on DAX community from there i got some clue, Thanks to Martin and Bombtrk, they have provided some directions to me.

i got to know about tool “Team Foundation Server Power Tools December 2011” this tool helps me analysing the Best practices in setting up the TFS, i installed and run that tool and got to know that two reasons

The version of TFS 2010 is not same with version of Visual studio 2010 installed:
BP tool gives this a critical error, but i do believe that even different version can be worked.

SPAdminV4 service is stopped or disabled
This is sort of strange error to me, I don’t know how this service got stopped on my machine, although i have started the service manually.

After fixing above BP errors on TFS and doing some more google i got to know that my TFS url is not correct that i am providing in Dynamics ax version control parameter, Actually URL got wrong when you have multiple TFS collections exists, which is exist in my case. so in order to got to know the correct URL i checked the below registry where we have the correct URL exist for each TFS collection
After proving the correct URL, project name, repository folder, branch and application folder, I am able to connect to TFS version control.


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