Useful SQL Query (Part 2) – Count of records in each table from SQL

This is very useful query while doing upgrade, you can get the count of records in each table from source and target environment. This helps you with initial level of testing. I found it useful to share.

 SELECT @QueryString = COALESCE(@QueryString + ' UNION ALL ','')  
            + 'SELECT '  
            + '''' + QUOTENAME(SCHEMA_NAME(sOBJ.schema_id))  
            + '.' + QUOTENAME( + '''' + ' AS [TableName]  
            , COUNT(*) AS [RowCount] FROM '  
            + QUOTENAME(SCHEMA_NAME(sOBJ.schema_id))  
            + '.' + QUOTENAME( + ' WITH (NOLOCK) '  
 FROM sys.objects AS sOBJ  
    sOBJ.type = 'U'  
    AND sOBJ.is_ms_shipped = 0x0  
 ORDER BY SCHEMA_NAME(sOBJ.schema_id), ;  
 EXEC sp_executesql @QueryString  

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