Sys Operation framework – Adding Class to Batch Task/making Journalized

Problem statement:

We have batchable  class that needs to be added to Batch Task form (System Administration> Batch>View Task) so we can plan batch job executions like if any dependencies or sequencing needs to be managed between the batch classes.

For such tasks class should be Journalized.

We know that if we are using old RunBaseBatch framework we can make the class Journalized by overriding the method canGoBatchJournal() and let it return true.

But if we have implemented the Batch using new SysOperation framework then we need to following things.

We need to have Controller class, as Batch task will be scheduled based on it.
Controller class needs to be decorated using attribute “[SysOperationJournaledParametersAttribute(true)]”
Main and new method should have important information provided as heighted below. These needed for initializing the parameters in Batch Task.

6-3-2016 9-55-47 PM

6-3-2016 9-56-33 PM

6-3-2016 9-57-03 PM

Thanks you

Happy Daxing 🙂


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