Creating a lookup

This is the different way of creating the lookup and mostly used when you have difficult criteria and complex joins. In this type of lookup I have created a lookup form and called it from the lookup method of that particular field on which it is needed.

New form is created with the shape of lookup. Lookup form is showing CustAccount and Name fields from CustTable.

New field is created to show the lookup. You need to override the lookup method write simple code to call the lookup form. For detail on the code see the attached xpo

save the attached file as xpo AX2009CustLookup

How to implement the lookup on Runbase class

One way to implement the lookup in the runbase class is to make the Form (lookupForm) and call it from the dialog method of runbase class like this
“DialogRunbase dialogform = Dialog::newFormnameRunbase(formstr(custTableLookup),this);”

for more info you can download the xpo

Save as .xpo

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