Custom workflow Participant Provider

Very good example on custom workflow Participant Provider on Ax 2009, similar implementation for Ax 2012 also.
In Microsoft Dynamics AX, there are four workflow provider types. In some cases, the instances of these providers may not meet …your application requirements. The following procedure describes the steps to implement a custom workflow provider.
You create a custom workflow provider by implementing a workflow provider interface. See Workflow Provider Interfaces for more information about the interface for each provider type. Choose the appropriate interface type for your custom provider, and implement the methods in a class using the following procedure

Maximum number of Tables in a Join error

You might encounter this error if you trying to make new relations with table that already have high number of relations defined on it Like “InventTable”. On showing the field to form you might see a warning message that “The table exceeds the max join limit…….”


Maximum number of Tables in a Join defined in the Server Configuration (System Administration > Setup > System > Server Configuration). There you need to change the number to allow more join tables. After that you also need to restart the AOS service to reflect this change on tables.


There is performance factor also, which is explained well on the Brandon’s Blog

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