D365 Finance and Operation – Creation of Bulk Users from Excel using Excel addin

In this post I will show how easy you can connect to your Dynamics 365 Operations instance using Excel. Before I begin the post, let me just remind you that importing users from Azure Active Directory is perhaps easier and quicker. So this post is just to show you it is also possible to import users using Excel with the Dynamics Office Add-in.

Open excel and see if you have office add-in installed

Click to activate that. It will ask for server details

Enter server details where you want to create users


it will ask for sign in, please do that.

If add-in load fine and sign in is successful you will see this screen with Design button enabled. Please click that

Click add table select “User information SYSTEMUSER” entity

Add all the required * fields and additional these fields as well.

You may add more or less fields as needed.

At any point Design can be change for adding or removing the fields.

Click Refresh for bringing the columns and data to sheet

Create new records by following the existing ones.

Click Publish for publishing records to Finops.

You can see the records in System administration module.

If you see Loading applets issue while connecting to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations through Excel add-in

At the time of loading applets, the following error came up: “No applet registrations found”.

Go to system administration > Setup > Office app parameters


Initialize app parameters

Initialize applet registration


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