How to implement the lookup on Runbase class

One way to implement the lookup in the runbase class is to make the Form (lookupForm) and call it from the dialog method of runbase class like this
“DialogRunbase dialogform = Dialog::newFormnameRunbase(formstr(custTableLookup),this);”

for more info you can download the xpo

Save as .xpo

Number sequence implementation in Dynamics ax

You can download the document for implementing the number sequence form here

How to delete the enum value at run time?

Q: if i need to delete the enum value at run time then what i need to do?
Example has 3 values

Answer: you need to overview the enter event of control from design and write the following line.

Microsoft Dynamics ax 2009 certification

I have passed the Development Introduction (MB6819) exam for Microsoft Dynamics ax . It is quite exciting to have the microsoft certification with the name.

As far as paper is concerned; it is as usual simple, same pattern as we have for Dynamics 4.0. Some questions have been change for the paper of Ax 2009, I would say 75% questions are from 4.0 and rest are new questions.

Now i am looking forward for the MorphX Solution Developer exam, i will try this as soon as i get some time

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